Common Residential Propane Tank Sizes for Your Home

Posted by Chris Kauffman
| October 2014

Save and fill up less with the right propane tank size

Your propane needs change when your family grows, when the kids move out, when you purchase or replace propane appliances. If you don’t have the right size propane tank to meet your needs, you could be spending more than you need.

Choosing the right residential propane tank size that fits your home lifestyle will mean better savings and fewer fill ups during the year.

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Determine your propane tank size by home size, usage, and climate

After your tank is installed, a trained technician will survey your home and usage to determine the appropriate size for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a tank size:

  • Square footage of home
  • Propane appliances installed
  • Total BTU load of all installed appliances

Available propane tank sizes 

Important note-To allow for tank expansion, each tank is approximately filled 80% of total capacity.

100lb Tanks-Above Ground

A 100lb tank is typically used for mixed heating systems or residences with limited propane usage. This size tank is commonly used for cooking and drying clothes.

The height of this tank is 43” in height and 14.5’ in diameter. 23.6 gallons are held in this size.

100 lb propane tank

100lb propane tank

100 Gallon Tank-Above Ground

Smaller residences that rely on propane for house heating and gas cooking tend to purchase the 100 gallon tank.

The 100 gallon (not tank) is 52” high and 30 inches wide. You will need at least 100 gallon tank for whole house heating.

100 Gallon Propane Tank

100 gallon propane tank

500 Gallon Tank-Above Ground, Underground

A 500 gallon propane tank is an efficient option for larger homes (1,500 square feet or more) that use propane for several appliances.

Examples include: gas furnace, gas fireplaces, gas ranges, gas hot water heaters, and gas clothes dryers. 500 gallon tanks are 9’11 long and 37½” in diameter.

500 Gallon Propane Tank

500 gallon propane tank

1000 Gallon Tank-Above Ground, Underground

The 1000 gallon propane tank is most often used for large commercial businesses and the agricultural industry. If you purchase a 1000 gallon tank, you will have greater control as to when you need to fill your tank.

Large homes, farming equipment, and office heating are the common usages for this size tank. Each tank is 16’ 1½” long and 41” wide.

1000 Gallon Propane Tank

1000 gallon propane tank

Average consumption of propane appliances

Propane consumption will vary by how often you use them and their BTU load. Here is a look at how much propane is used by propane appliances on average.

Appliance Furnaces Clothes Dryers  Gas Stove Ranges  Hot Water Heaters  Gas Fireplaces
BTU (per hour) 100,000 35,000 65,000 40,000 30,000
Gallons (annually) 500-1200 gallons 15-25 gallons 25-50 gallons 200-300 gallons 100-300 gallons

Control costs with a larger size tank

Propane prices fluctuate with the market throughout the year. 500 gallon tanks enable you to pre-buy your fuel in bulk during periods where propane prices are lower. You propane will last longer, so you might not have to fill up when prices are at their peak.

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